St. Paddy Day Half K Info

February 10, 2015 | Uncategorized | By ihbadmin | 0 Comments

Yes. It’s True.

Iron Horse Brewery, along with 88.1 The Burg and surrounding businesses are putting on the ultimate race.

A .5 K race.  That’s exactly, almost .31 miles of pure sweat.

Okay maybe not.

This post will be updated with current information about the race.


Date and Time : Saturday, March 17th 2-4pm

Location : Ellensburg. We hope on Main Street between 4th and 5th.  (Currently seeking official approval from the city) All of the business are on board, which is badass of them.

Distance : .5 K or 500 meters or .31 miles

What you get for entering:  Satisfaction.  Also, a bib, a metal, a headband.  Awesome pick up packets.  More to come.

Why: So we can raise at least $3000 for F.I.S.H. Food Bank, that’s the primary purpose.  The secondary purpose is because running is hard, having fun is easier.  So we made a race that was less hard and more fun.  Winning.

Details to come.



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